US sends advisors to Nigeria to help capture terrorist kidnappers, but no combat boots on the ground

Special Operations Command in Tampa may have role

TAMPA - If you think the capture of Boko Haram's terrorist leader in Nigeria  will go down along the lines of the Osama Bin Laden or the Mursk Alabama pirates, retired Marine Lt. Colonel Rob Barrow will set you straight.

"Six or seven SEAL's aren't going to go in and win the day on this," said Barrow, who spent 21 years on active duty in the hottest flash points of the Middle East and Africa.
Barrow believes rescuing nearly 300 hostage students and capturing the leader of the terror group Boko Haram will require precise timing.

"A good plan executed now and violently is better than a perfect plan executed too late," said Barrow.

A 'good plan' could be underway right now, but officially, the U.S. is only sending advisors to help with hostage negotiations, communication and intelligence.

Since the release of the video showing the terror leader promising to sell more young girls into virtual slavery, a growing chorus of voices including some members of Congress and Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State, are suggesting we do more.

The analysis coming from behind the gate of MacDill Air Force Base will help the president decide if such a mission is worth the risk.

"Does it make sense to put American lives at risk for that and is it important to our broader goals and image in the world as a world leader? asks Barrow.

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