U.S. Marshals intensifies hunt for driver

Billboards go out for wanted drunk driver

The U.S. Marshals Service has posted billboards in hopes of getting tips on the whereabouts of Christopher Ponce.
The former USF student is accused of not only driving drunk but driving the wrong way on I -275 in July 2012.
Authorities said he slammed into a Mustang driven by 20-year-old William Angel, killing Angel and seriously injuring two of his passengers.
He has been on the run since last May after a judge granted him bail. Authorities said he cut his ankle monitor and vanished.
"The U.S. Marshals office is offering a $5,000 reward for his capture, but if someone calls I'll give them $10,000, " said Wade Angel, William’s father.
The day his youngest son died, a part of him did too.
"It affects everything. Nothing is the same," said Angel. "I really appreciate the Marshal  service’s efforts.”
Ron Lindbak with the U.S. Marshals Service in Tampa said the case is getting top priority. 
"It's because the seriousness of the crime and the danger to the community," said Lindbak.
He added  billboards and an increased reward have worked before in other high-profile cases in the Bay area.
"I'm confident he will be caught. 
These cases don't go away. We work them  over and over. We will hunt until we bring them to justice," said Lindbak. 
Angel is  doing everything he can on his end. Beyond doubling the reward, 
he quit his job. Now he sits at his computer every day posting on his website, www.findchrisponce.com.
He had this message for the man accused of killing his son.
"I think it's time to man up Chris. It's time to man up. The longer you're gone, the worse it's going to be. And I'm never going to stop," said Angel. 
According to law enforcement, Ponce has one prior traffic citation and another DUI.
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