Unconventional job hunter lands a job

Employer says he showed innovation and initiative

TAMPA - Damian Romero is one of the happiest and newest employees at the Pawlowski/Mastrilli Law Group in Ybor City.

Just three weeks ago, he was sweating bullets, handing out his resume to anyone who would roll their window down on Kennedy Blvd. in Tampa.  His effort in the heat landed him a job in an air-conditioned office.

"I'm working on special projects," said Damian.  "I did sign a non-disclosure agreement, so I can't go into depth."

He says his unconventional job hunt was fueled by the lack of calls through online job applications. 

His new boss says he saw the story on ABC Action News, which pushed him to reach out to both Damian and his friend Jarod. 

Both recent graduates from the University of South Florida braved the elements for seven days in June to get their faces and qualifications out there.

It was the innovative job search that caught Damian's new employer's attention.

"As an employer, if I see an employee willing to take that extra step and put themselves out there," said Vincent Pawlowski.  "Then that's the kind of person that I am interested in."

Pawlowski says a handful of people can look like winners on paper, but you have to set yourself apart.  He was so impressed with Damian's idea, he actually created the special projects position for him!
"There are a lot of pretty people, a lot of people that are qualified and they're a dime a dozen but I think people like Damian, there is something special about them," said Pawlowski.

While Damian found success, his friend Jared is still searching for a job.  Damian said the bottom line for him in this experience, no matter what, make your own luck!

"You gotta be proactive, because it's not going to come to you," said Damian.

If you would like to help Jarod Fluck get a job, please contact him at: JRFluck@email.com

ORIGINAL STORY: http://www.abcactionnews.com/news/region-tampa/2-unemployed-grads-take-unconventional-approach-to-job-search

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