Trial begins for Joseph Frye, accused of raping 75-year-old woman at gunpoint

TAMPA - The trial for a Tampa man police say broke into a 75-year-old's home and raped her at gun point started Tuesday morning.     

The accused, Joseph Frye, entered the courtroom with shackled feet and meek stature.

But the prosecution painted a much different picture before the jury, saying he's a shadow that haunts you at night.

The defense countered by asking the jury to remember the law, stating Frye was innocent until proven guilty.  

Theatrics aside, reality stepped into the courtroom as the 75-year-old victim was helped to the stand to testify.

She spoke about the awful encounter, Sept.  3, 2009.

That night, she heard a noise while she was in bed and grabbed a gun.

She described the struggle with her attacker.

"He says he is not going to hurt me," she said.

But she was raped and she described that attack as her two sons listened on in court.

Then the jury heard the victim's own voice from that night as she called 911 after the attacker left, and she had managed to untie herself.

" I need help right now. I have been robbed.. I've been robbed and raped," she said.

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