Trial begins for Joseph Frye, accused of raping 75-year-old

Victim, first person to take the stand

TAMPA - The Joseph Frye rape trial began Tuesday in Tampa.  Frye is accused of raping a 75-year-old woman in September, 2009.

Following opening statements, in which the prosecution quoted a movie to describe Frye as a shadow that haunts the night, and the defense asked the jury to remember that Frye is innocent until proven guilty, the victim herself took the stand.

The victim, who was helped to the stand, described to the court what happened the night she was attacked.

She talked about hearing a noise, getting a gun, fighting with her attacker, and then being raped. The description of her attack was graphic, as her two sons listened on. You could see the emotion in their faces going from pain, to anger.

The court would also hear the victim's voice from that night as a 9-1-1 call was played. Her first words in that call?

"I need help right now. I have been robbed. I've been robbed and raped."

Closing arguments are expected Wednesday, and the case will be handed over to a jury.

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