TPD officer reprimanded for dragging suspect into county jail booking area

TAMPA - A Tampa police officer should have asked for assistance instead of dragging a suspect into the Hillsborough County Jail booking area on his own, an internal investigation has concluded.

A surveillance camera captured the Oct. 5 incident.

The other person seen in the video is a ride-along citizen who stated that Sonja Mimmenger, the suspect, had strongly resisted when she was arrested at a known drug house on Nebraska Avenue.

Upon arrival at the jail, Mimmenger refused to walk and remained limp, according to a report issued after the investigation.

Officer Scott Van Treese then dragged her.

Once inside the booking area, she still would not get up, the report states.

Tampa Fire Rescue was called in to evaluate her. She then got up and walked out with TFR personnel. She was taken to Tampa General Hospital where she told a nurse that she had feigned her injury.

At one point, she jumped off the gurney, walked around and said, "See, I told you I was faking it."

She was then medically cleared.

Mimmenger was charged with possessing cocaine, trespassing and resisting arrest. She's been arrested more than 40 times in the past, according to the report.

TPD launched an internal investigation into the dragging incident and reprimanded Officer Van Treese.

According to the report, Officer Van Treese's actions "resulted in putting the defendant in unnecessary risk regardless of the fact that she was uninjured."

The report goes on to say Officer Van Treese should have used better judgment by asking for help from the booking deputies.

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