Tips to avoid candy Halloween hangovers, treat troops through dentist buy back

With Halloween just a few days away--we've got some tips to help you and your family avoid the "Halloween candy hangover", including one method that will treat troops overseas, while you're at it.

Stocking up ahead might sound like a good plan--but you're likely to end up sampling more before the big day. Sound familiar?

Instead--you might be better off waiting to buy candy until the last minute, to cut back on that sweet temptation.

Also--don't buy your favorite candy--pick out something you're less likely to dig into yourself. The kids will most likely bring home some of your favorites on Halloween, so you can treat yourself then.

Finally--so you don't have candy piled up in the house long after the holiday, consider a candy buyback. Often--dentists will exchange your extra candy for toothbrushes, cash or coupons, and send the treats to troops overseas.

Right here in Tampa, Dr. Randall Diez is holding a candy buyback.

From October 31 until November 5, when patients bring in Halloween candy, Dr. Diez will give trick-or-treaters $1 per pound of unopened candy donated.

To learn more about the dental office locations in Tampa participating, see the following links below:  (for North Tampa)  (for South Tampa)

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