TIA: More than 140 flights delayed due to bad weather

The effects of the bad weather up and down the East Coast could be felt Wednesday at Tampa International Airport. Thursday morning, things were much better.
Officials at TIA reported 147 delays and four cancellations Wednesday due to the poor weather.
Kelly Owens told us she's been trying to fly home to New York for two days straight.
"And again it's delayed, so now we're just waiting," she said.
But with a smile on her face, Owens said she wasn't upset. She saw it as an opportunity to maximize the time she had with her family in Florida. 
However, not everyone took the travel issues as well.
Choking back tears, retired school teacher John Weir could only think about one thing - getting to Newark, N.J., as quickly as possible. 
Weir just found out his 1-day-old granddaughter is in critical condition. 
"I just hope and pray to God she's alright," he said. 
The only thing standing in his way was the storm system. So folks at TIA did the only thing they could do -- wait.
"Whatever will be, will be," said delayed traveler Virginia Dantoni.


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