The worst Valentine's Day gift is...

Bay Area men confess to their worst present

The memory of Valentine's Day could potentially last for the rest of someone's life.  

Maybe you get engaged.  Perhaps you get bouquets of your favorite blooms.  A gift that simply sends you head over heels for the person who gave it.

But then there are those gifts that some think should have never left the store!  Those gifts were given by a couple gentlemen who actually confessed to us their worst Valentine's fouls.

"An ornament," says Wesley Burns.  "I gave my wife a hanging ornament."

When asked if he was confused about the holiday, perhaps he thought it were Christmas, he said no.  He says he really thought it was a great gift.  He knows better now though, considering his wife reminds him every year about of his worst presents ever!

Burns learned his lesson.  Which is why he and hundreds others stormed Jennie's Flower shop on West Columbus Street in Tampa all Thursday hoping for those last minute stems.  Jennie's got so busy they had to call cab drivers to come and help them with deliveries!  Employees said by days end they will have gone through about 800 deliveries and hundreds of thousands of flowers.

Don Heil was one of those last minute customers as well.  He gave the ubiquitous teddy bear one year.  Heil says he had no idea it was a bad thought until he saw the look on his Valentine's face.  He told us, never again would he have that feeling!

Larry Coleman on the other hand said he always hits it out of the park.  He says he has never worried about pleasing his wife of 20 plus years, because each year he finds a way to top the last.

Quite possibly our favorite of the day was Theodore Brown.  You see, Brown never worries about giving a bad gift for this special day of love.  He says his Valentine is just lucky to get something!  Brown was born on February 14.  That said, every year he has to buy something for someone else on HIS birthday!  He tells us he does it because he knows he better not go to his Valentine empty handed!

Moral of the story?  Giving gifts from the heart is always nice, but giving flowers the first time will probably ensure you don't have to buy a gift twice!



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