Parents experience Demi Lovato concert from waiting room

TAMPA, Fla. - Before the concert doors had even opened, Gerry Andrews wondered if he should have brought earplugs.

But Wednesday night, the Tampa Bay Times Forum had a solution. 

Past the screaming teens and underneath the forum stairs, there's an area not meant for everyone.

Welcome to the parent waiting room at the Demi Lovato concert. 

"It's going to be a long night," grandmother Rachel Craig exclaimed.

"We do bring in coffee and water and a little bit of dry snacks," said Mary Milne, the forum's vice president of guest experience. 

The forum created the parent waiting area to provide a place where parents can wait without a ticket to ensure their children get home safely. And in that room with televisions playing a Tampa Bay Times Forum loop, parents like Maggie Hall waited, and waited.

"See I've got catalogs mostly," Hall said. "I've got my books over here."

They read.

They Facebook stalked their kids.

At times they mingled. 

"Where'd you get food?" one parent asked.

"My granddaughter came down and got it for me," Craig said.

"I have never paid that much for a beer in my life," another grumbled.

And as the hours passed and the music thumping just got louder and louder, it became clear there wasn't much this group wouldn't do to see a smile on their kids face. 

"Even sit on the floor," Laura Bonniville said.

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