Teen arrested in connection to an armed robbery at USF

USF armed robbery

TAMPA - A teenager is behind bars, after police say he robbed a student at gunpoint on USF's campus. Authorities are asking for the public's help to identify the two other men involved in this crime.

University of South Florida police say three men robbed a student in a parking lot near Fletcher Avenue last night.

The men came up to his car with guns and demanded money. They made off with around $100 worth of his things. Police urge students to be careful.

 "We just ask that everybody be cognizant of their environment. Understand that people can come onto the university and you can be a victim. Just don't place yourself in a situation that's not safe or you don't feel comfortable,"Lieutenant Chris Daniel with USFPD said.

Lisa Llewellyn, a USF student, says she became more cautious on campus  after she got a text from school leaders saying an armed intruder was on school grounds.

"I've walked across campus in the middle of the night before by myself and never thought twice about it like I was unsafe but now I feel like maybe I shouldn't do that so I won't be doing that anymore," Lewellyn said.

For Sophomore Jason Lapiana, the crime hits close to home.

He said just last week, someone also robbed him on campus by trying to hot-wire his car and taking some of his things from inside.

"... I think they should do a better job of keeping the people that don't go to this school off the campus," Lapiana said.

Authorities are still looking for the two other men who they say are probably not on campus.

 The student who got robbed was shaken up, but not injured.

Police charged the 17-year-old with armed robbery. If you have any information about this crime, you can call USF police.

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