Teen accused of murder may be charged as an adult

TAMPA - Larry Brown, 16, is now being held at the Hillsborough Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Hillsborough County. But that could change if the State Attorney's office charges him as an adult.

Before his latest violent crime spree, Brown already had a long record that includes at least a dozen felony convictions.

USF student Husain Baaqel says he first thought the man who robbed him at an ATM might have been using a toy gun. But now he knows better.

"I said he wasn't going to shoot me, but after I heard he killed someone else with the same gun, I said I could have been killed."

Tampa Police say Brown is the one wearing the bandana in pictures taken as he robbed Baaqel and another man at a Fowler Avenue bank.

And they say it's also Brown riding a bike in surveillance video from the night security officer Michael Valentin was murdered at the East Tampa apartment complex he was patrolling.

"I just feel sorry about his family and his family should be proud of what he did. It's just really shocking. I could have been in the same place as that guy," said Baaqel.

Police say they found DNA evidence connecting Brown to the murder and armed robberies at an apartment. That's where we came across Alex Walker who says he was with Brown the day he was arrested.

"He was an alright guy.  He wasn't the type of person you would think would get in trouble like that.  He had a criminal record, but in my eyes, I had never seen that criminal record come out of him," said Walker.

At Critical Intervention Services, where Valentin worked, they are preparing for his wake.  

CEO K.C. Poulin says the murdered security officer was actually filling for someone else the night he was killed.

"Came in and worked on his night off," said Poulin.

Poulin says finding out a teen was arrested for such a senseless crime is not surprising.  "It's a sad state of affairs for our community to have kids like that running around with felony records that most adults don't have."

Meanwhile Baaquel, who is married with a young son, says he's relieved the man suspected of holding him up with a gun that may have been used to kill is now behind bars.

"Before he was arrested, I was thinking he could come to my house, I don't know. He had my wallet, my keys, my cell phone, and my car keys."

Valentin's funeral is Friday. He leaves behind a wife and two children.

He is the second CIS security officer killed in the last 18 months.

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