Tampa woman running Boston Marathon again, says she isn't scared

"I'm running for closure."

TAMPA - Jill Kralovanec of Tampa is running the Boston Marathon again this year, but with a back story.

"It's almost impossible to get the events that happened at the finish line out of my mind when I think about last year's race and all of the poor people whose lives it impacted," says Kralovanec.

She says when the first bomb went off, she was in the finisher's chute, just about a block or so away from the explosions.

"After it exploded, you could hear a pin drop, it was so quiet," says Kralovanec.  "No one was quite sure what to think.  We thought maybe it was a cannon going off, since it was Patriot's Day."

Kralovanec says after the second explosion, they knew something just wasn't right.  There was an announcement for everyone to quickly evacuate the area.  

"There were sirens and emergency vehicles everywhere," explains Kralovanec.

But despite the horrific memories of last year's marathon, Kralovanec and 35,999 other runners have registered for the race.  All expected to run the world's oldest annual marathon.

In it's 118th year, it's hard to escape the shadows of last year's heinous act of terror, but people like Kralovanec say its in spite of the events, they must run on and that's why she plans to return.

"I want to go back because its one of the greatest marathons in the world!  And because I fell like after being there last year, I need the closure," says Kralovanec.  "I thought I had that, but after seeing the tribute marking the one year anniversary in Boston, it was very emotional for me.  I want to go and run it for all those people affected by the tragic events of that day."

While many runners will be checking their watches to beat their personal best, Kralovanec says this year's objective has nothing to do with beating the clock.  

"I plan on enjoying the entire race, high fiving all the little kids along the way and hugging anyone that looks like they need a hug.  Or maybe I will be the one that needs a hug while I'm running."

Through it all, Kralovanec says she isn't worried about safety at all.  She says she is even going to have her daughter at the finish line with her this year.

"There is going to be so much emotional support at this race by both spectators and runners and I am very proud to be participating again this year," says Kralovanec.

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