Tampa travelers safeguard valuables following investigation into luggage theft

Seven New York area airline workers charged

TAMPA, Fla. - Holiday travelers at Tampa International Airport are reacting to exclusive video obtained by ABC News showing airport luggage handlers stealing valuables from bags.

Reactions to the video ranged from outrage to disgust. "I think I'm going to double check everything when I get to San Juan for my vacation, make sure there's nothing missing," said Daniel Perez after ABC Action News showed him the video just before he and his family took off for Puerto Rico.

"It's sad," Perez said. "It's sad to think that you want to have a good time and at the same time you have to worry about people going through your luggage stealing your things," he said.

Seven workers were charged following the undercover sting operation at New York area airports.

We caught up with Cheryl Harmon just before she boarded her flight to New York's JFK International Airport. She called it a violation of trust.

"Keep everything that you really want to keep with you because you never know what will happen," said Harmon.

The hidden cameras caught workers stealing money, jewelry, and electronics.

Traveler John White says he keeps all his valuables with him at all times when he flies.

"People should be smarter about where they put their belongings. You can't put cash in a bag underneath a plane. That's just ludicrous," said White.

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