Tampa Theatre asking patrons to help solve its popping problem

Theatre raising $10,000 for new popcorn machine

TAMPA, Fla. - The Tampa Theatre is asking its patrons to help solve a major popping problem.

The Theatre's current popcorn machine, which is more than fifteen years old, is starting to show its age.

The non-profit organization that oversees the Theatre's operations recently spent nearly $2,000 to repair damage caused by a fire the popcorn machine's oil pump. Officials say when a popcorn machine catches on fire it is time to replace it.

The Tampa Theatre wants to buy a new popcorn machine, but it needs the community's help. It is launching a $10,000 donation drive through the Power2Give.org website. Theatre directors say any donation amount will be appreciated.

The Theatre wants to purchase a Gold Medal kettle that can produce 10 gallons of popcorn at a time. The current popcorn machine the Theatre uses produces only about half that amount.

The Theatre is promising the Gold Medal kettle will help reduce lines at the concession stand.

As an incentive to donate, the Theatre says donors will receive popcorn-themed benefits from a free "Popcorn Party" and film screening all the way up to free popcorn for a year -- all based on the amount they give.

People looking to contribute are asked to visit the Theatre's popcorn problem website at TampaTheatre.org/popcorn-problem .

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