Tampa resident John Junstrom believed world would end May 21, 2011; he won't be fooled again

TAMPA, Fla. - Some predictions using the ancient Mayan calendar mark the end of the world as 12-21-12.

In preparation for a potential Doomsday, some engineers are building million-dollar survival bunkers while other companies are offering survival kits complete with a 275-meal pack, water purifying tabs, and a gas mask.

The widespread hype even has NASA responding with a video for December 22.

"If you're watching this video, it means one thing," the video reports.  "The world didn't end yesterday."

If Doomsdayers don't believe NASA's arguments about why we'll still be here Saturday, Tampa resident John Junstrom says they should listen to him.

"Forget about it," he said.

Strong words from a man who once unwaveringly believed in the world's imminent end.

Junstrom took a month off work a year and a half ago to warn bay area residents about May 21, 2011, when he and others believed Harold Camping's predictions that Jesus would return to earth.

This is what he told ABC Action News back then: "May 22, for the true believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, will not occur."

But then Junstrom woke up on May 23rd.

"Nothing happened," he said. "Everything went back to normal. I went back to work."

For the second time.  Because Junstrom also predicted the Apocalypse in 1994.

"That calendar information was wrong because we're still here," he said.

The mistake cost him. Junstrom quit going to church for a decade. He stopped paying some bills. He even closed up his business.

Now, watching all the hype about 12-21-12, Junstrom's got a message: grow up, like he has.

"They need to get their act together and do what's right for themselves and society," he said. "I feel I'm basically here for the long-haul. I need to continue my business. I do need to plan for retirement and keep up with all my bills."

Today, Junstrom is done predicting the world's end.

He's got a thriving microwave repair business with work on backorder, which he believes he'll still be here to finish.

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