Man arrested after seven hour standoff with Tampa Police

Yvonne Garcia and Vonshae were both awakened early Sunday morning by Tampa Police pounding on their doors. "They just said that, they called it a subject at 1309 and there could be some shots and that I should leave my house," Garcia said.


Vonshae grabbed her tablet and shot some video of all the action. "They kicked me out of the park. You can't walk up and down, you can't go nowhere this way," she said.


Officers got a 911 call just before 7am about a domestic situation after a woman ran to a neighbor's house looking for help. Once officers arrived they say 41-year-old Alex Ray Crouse locked himself inside his home, refusing to come out.


Having a history of violence and firearm charges police took no chances and called in the SWAT team. "Initially we tried to make contact with him. Tried to get him to come out on his own without going through all those steps," Lt. Kevin Schoolmeesters of the Tampa Police Department said.


About seven hours into the standoff police were able to enter the house. That's when they found Crouse in a back bedroom hiding underneath a bed. "They arrested him without further incident, Lt. Schoolmeesters said.


Jail records show Crouse has been arrested more than 14 times on numerous drug and gun charges. "The guy I know is a nice fella. He was a nice guy. But you know things happen sometimes," Ernest Braxton said.


Braxton lives behind Crouse and was happy to see the standoff end peacefully. Even thanking officers. "I appreciate it. I thank God nobody got hurt," he said to Lt. Schoolmeesters.


Police say the woman who escaped the home and ran for help was Crouse's girlfriend. She was treated for minor injuries at the hospital and is expected to be ok.


A man has reportedly barricaded himself inside his home in the 1300 block of 18th Avenue in Tampa.

Police say the situation started out as a domestic related issue and some saw a woman run from the house before the man barricaded himself inside.

Neighbors tell ABC Action News that police frequently respond to the house.

This is still a developing situation.

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