Tampa Police Chief doesn't expect local civil unrest problems linked to Ferguson

Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor is making a public promise in the wake of unrest in Ferguson, Mo.
"You would never see on the streets of Tampa, under the same circumstances, what you saw on national news over the past few weeks – that I can guarantee,” she said.
It’s a guarantee Tampa City Council members pushed to hear after weeks of civil unrest in Ferguson marked by police officers tossing tear gas and pointing military-style rifles at demonstrators and journalists.
"Chief, there's a lot of discussion based on whether this officer in Missouri will be indicted or not through the grand jury that there could be major civil unrest not only in Missouri but throughout this country,” said Tampa City Council member Frank Reddick.
"Do you have a policy about when you use the tear gas, when you put on the riot gear?" asked Council member Mary Mulhern. "What triggers the decision to bring in that armored gear and armored cars to a situation?"
"Law enforcement has to have the equipment and the tools to keep our community and our citizens safe, and you can't say definitively at this time and this date under these circumstances this equipment will be used,” Castor said.
"I don't anticipate we'll have issues here,” Castor told council members
Castor used the Republican National Convention and the manhunt for Dontae Morris as successful examples of officers working with the community for a positive outcome.
Her promise, if Ferguson makes waves in Tampa, is to handle it the same way.
"Hopefully, just people stay calm and let the system work itself through," said Reddick.
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