Tampa Police locate a suspicious man seen chasing after a mom in Hampton Park

TAMPA, Fla. - Early Tuesday morning Tampa Police announced officers located a suspicious man spotted chasing after a mother in Hampton Park. TPD reports there is no immediate threat to the public.


According to police, the incident happened about 1:30 p.m. Monday. The victim was at the park with her two small children when the man reportedly approached her from behind, grabbed her shoulder and turned her around. The woman screamed and ran.

A security guard in the park heard her screams and allegedly saw the suspect chasing after the woman. The guard chased the suspect into a heavily wooded swamp on the south side of the park before losing sight of him.

Police searched for the suspect a helicopter and dogs but were unable to find him. The man's motives are unknown.

Multiple families were at the park at the time and reportedly witnessed the incident.

"It's very scary as a parent," Parul Aneja, a mother who lives nearby said.

Tampa Police Department had extra officers patrol the area Monday night. It wants anyone with information on who this man is to contact them immediately at 813-274-8211.

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