Tampa Pastor gets clobbered by a tree limb on the steps of her own church

She was praying with her eyes closed when it hit

TAMPA, Fla. - Tropical Storm Debby most likely weakened the giant oak tree that shaded Seminole Heights Methodist Church. 

The question is whether God had anything to do with a major branch of that tree falling directly on top of the church's pastor, Sharon Davis.

"Pastor Sharon has a habit of walking the neighborhood, putting together her sermons for Sunday morning," explained congregation member Christie Chess.

After those walks, Davis would sit along the front steps and pray for the community.

"She was praying.  Her eyes were closed.  All of sudden she heard a noise, looked up and there was the tree," said Chess.

What happened next was what insurance companies call an 'Act of God.'  The decades-old  limb above the praying pastor surrendered to gravity and crashed to earth.

Jordan Miller, who owns a bicycle shop across the street, raced over when he heard her scream.

"She was bleeding.  She didn't seem like she knew what happened, like she had just woken up in the bushes," said Miller.

Pastor Davis wasn't up for an interview as of Tuesday, but friends say she's battered and bruised with three broken shoulder bones, but expected to recover fully.

Did this stroke of misfortune diminish the Pastor's faith?

"No", said Chess.

"This is even empowering her spirit even more.  Because you know, this could have been a whole lot worse."

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