Tampa Palms mother accused of murdering her children pleads not guilty

TAMPA - A New Tampa mom accused of killing her children pleaded not guilty Wednesday morning.

As she heard the two first degree murder charges she is facing, Julie Schenecker sat quietly cuffed in a corner.

At times, Schenecker even closed her eyes. Very different from the wide eyed woman who on the day of her arrest did not stop shaking.

The mom accused of shooting and killing her children, 13 year old Beau, and 16 year old Calyx, never looked to see who was watching her in Judge Ashley Moody's court.

If she had turned, she would have seen a number of extra deputies.

Larry McKinnon with the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office said, "You never know when somebody may appear in this type of setting that they would want to take revenge."

Schenecker also would have seen rows filled with journalists, not family members.

A spokesperson for Julie's husband, Colonel Parker Schenecker, said he is currently out of state, "and is meeting with family members and close friends to formalize his plans to honor the memory of Calyx and Beau. At the same time, he is considering the best path to help him heal from this tragedy."

He also wanted "to thank everyone who has reached out to express their love for Calyx and Beau and who have shown support for his family during this difficult time."

During the short court proceeding, the demeanor of the former stay at home mom who now wears a red jumpsuit never changed.

Before the murders, Schenecker lived a comfortable life. However, because no one has come forward to pay for her defense, she is being
represented by the public defenders office.

The office plans to ask the court to impose a lien on Schenecker's assets, which would include marital assets.

Schenecker will be back in court on April 5.

The state has not said if they will seek the death penalty.

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