Tampa officials want to silence downtown train horns

For Shannon Quinn, the sound is not just loud.
“It’s put-your-fingers-in-your-ears loud,” said Quinn, who lives in downtown Tampa.
"I mean you can feel the building shake," said Heveen Kurdi, who loves everything about downtown except the shipping rail line that runs through it. 
Kurdi and Quinn live in a downtown high rise and own the restaurant Kurdi Grill, which sits right on the other side of the rail line. 
They're among the downtown residents hoping for the creation of a "quiet zone."
The “quiet zone" initiative is being considering by Tampa's City Council for the neighborhoods in downtown, Ybor City and the Port of Tampa area. 
Currently in those areas, a CSX train sounds its horn as it passes through to alert pedestrians and drivers. 
To get train engineers to stop sounding their horns, the city would have to add crossing gates to about 65 city intersections, a project that could cost many millions of dollars. 
The city's transportation department tells ABC Action News that upgrades to intersections would cost anywhere between $50,000 and over $250,000.
Some downtown residents tell us they think it's worth it.
"You'll see people right when the train is passing. They'll still go and try to pass in front of it,” said Kurdi. "So I think gates would be safer and less noisy."
The City Council is expected to decide on Thursday if they want to approve a $90,000 study of the project to see what it would take to make the improvements. 
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