Tampa officer shoots at suspected dealer during drug sting

An officer shot at a man early Thursday morning after an undercover drug bust was revealed and the suspect rammed a patrol car, according to Tampa Police.
Both uniformed and undercover officers were used in the drug operation at Radiant convenience store on Dale Mabry Highway at Spruce St.
Police said they were successful in buying drugs from suspected dealers.  
When police moved in to take suspects into custody, the suspects tried to drive away.
One of the marked cars blocked the suspects in front and turned on the overhead lights. An undercover unit was behind the suspect vehicle.
As two officers exited the undercover car, the driver suspect slammed into the unmarked car, and that's when an officer shot at the suspect. 
The suspect and passenger were taken into custody without further incident. 
The passenger received minor cuts from glass shatter and was treated at the scene. There was no injury to the driver or the officers.