Tampa mom says ESE school bus no-show for 2 days

Bus didn't pick up son 2 days in a row

TAMPA - "The exact time was supposed to be 1:44."

"I'm waiting for Ari's bus. Do you know if the bus ever showed up to pick him up?"

"By the time I get him, is the bus going to show up and I'm going to miss him in between-- that's the problem."

These are the phone calls Silvia Weitzman made in her front yard Tuesday.

Weitzman's son, Ari, rides the bus to and from Coleman Middle School  for summer session. It's already been a rough start.

"I want a phone call. I want a phone call because 15, 20, 30 minutes goes by and I don't know anything and the school doesn't know anything," she said.

Ari's bus hasn't shown up at all for two mornings. His afternoon bus was 2 hours late Monday so she picked him up. We waited with her Tuesday to see what would happen.

"It's extremely frustrating because I'm working," said Weitzman.

It's also nerve-wracking because Ari is an ESE student . He can't call or tell his mom what's going on.

"I'm also thinking as a parent, I'm supposed to put my kid on a bus like this and I'm supposed to trust the system," she said.

We took Weitzman's bus concerns to the school district.

"She was right to call transportation," said Steve Hegarty.

A spokesperson says they are aware of the problem and are working to fix it, blaming a new driver unfamiliar with the route. They also pledged to get it right Wednesday.

"We need to get our times down, and sometimes it takes a couple of days to do that. There's no good excuse for that, but that is the reality of the situation," said Hegarty.

Ari's bus home Tuesday was 50 minutes late.

This mom is hoping tomorrow isn't as rough.

"I know that we had some change in our ESE department, starting at the top, but this isn't a good start to the changes.  To me, this is a reflection of the whole program," said Weitzman.

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