Tampa mayor presents $876M budget for 2015

Budget balanced and gives back to reserve fund

Tampa - Tampa mayor Bob Buckorn presented his $876 million budget to the city council Thursday morning.

The budget includes dozens of projects to fix roads and drainage problems.

The biggest chunk, 62 percent, goes to public safety. But millions will also go to making Tampa a better place.

Among improvements mayor Buckhorn wants to include in next year’s budget, renovation of the building he stood Thursday, City Hall. Estimated cost $16.6 million.

“We’ve got to do it we don’t have a choice. it is a historic building, it is our City Hall, it is your office. We have got some significant improvements that have to be made to this building. They cannot be prolonged. They will just be exacerbated if we don’t do anything," said Buckhorn.

Also on the budget wish list, drainage improvements to address some of the flood prone areas, road work, and neighborhood projects, like a major fix for Cuscaden Pool.

The budget will be balanced for the first time in five years without having to go reserves.
It also includes putting more than a million dollars in the reserve fund..There’s also a two and a half percent raise for city employees.

The Mayor says he’s encouraged after Tampa was hit so hard by the recession.

“It’s been a tough five years, it’s been a painful five years. We’ve eliminated over 700 jobs. We are doing a lot more work with a lot less money and a lot less people. But I think we have turned the corner and now the goal is to take this momentum and keep growing the economy and keep government small and use that additional money to fix things that needed to be fixed for years," Buckhorn said.

Before the city council votes on the budget, they'll hold two public hearings, one on  September 4 and the other on September 17.
To see the mayor's budget presentation go to tampagov.net/budget
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