Tampa homicide detectives investigating the shooting death of Yellow Cab driver

TAMPA - Tampa Police homicide detectives are investigating the shooting death of a person found in a Yellow Cab.

Police confirmed the man found dead in the driver's seat is 56-year-old John Dooley of Hudson, a Yellow Cab driver.

Yellow Cab owner Louis Minardi said he was sad to hear he lost one of his best.

"He was a very good driver, I used to have him pick up my children when they were small. He was one of the ones that I trusted the most, I trust all of them, but I knew him very well," Minardi said.

The cab was found in the driveway of an abandoned house on Eskimo and 18th Street near Rowlett Park around 7:45 p.m. Sunday evening.

At least one witness told police they saw someone running from the cab and they called 911.

Tampa police say two men got in the car when they called for a ride to another part of town and shot the driver to death as soon as they got in the car.

"The cab driver was under the assumption that he was picking up two customers, when in reality he was picking up his final fare," said Janelle McGregor with Tampa police.


Officers have been canvassing the neighborhood, processing the victim's vehicle, and interviewing witnesses but so far no arrests have been made. 


Yellow Cab is pleading with anyone who knows who these two suspects are to give Tampa Police a call.


Monday night, Dooley's next door neighbors were heartbroken to hear the news. 


Karen Middleton said she has lived next to Dooley for 31 years.


"It's a senseless crime that they did to a very good man," Middleton said. 


Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward of up to $3,000 for any information that can lead to an arrest. 

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