Tampa family expanding federal lawsuit after Navy Yard Shooting

Placing blame on other entities for negligence

TAMPA - A Tampa family is expanding their federal lawsuit following the deadly Navy Yard shooting in September.

"I would love metal detectors to not just be on naval bases but any military base before you get on."

That's just one of the requests Patricia Delorenzo has in hopes that her older sister's death wasn't in vain.  Mary Frances Delorenzo Knight, 51, was shot and killed along with 11 other people on September 16, 2013.  Authorities say the lone gunman was Aaron Alexis, 34.  Alexis was killed by police soon after the shooting rampage.

The question remains for many: how did Alexis get clearance onto a military installation with weapons?

"The US Navy, after the shooting incident, appropriated $6.4 million for new paint and carpet to try to fix up the place after it got shot up," says family attorney, Sidney Matthew.  "I wonder how many metal detectors they could buy with 6.4 million dollars."

In addition to metal detectors and suing the United States Navy and the Department of Veteran's Affairs, the family is also adding contractors.  In that, they are including Hewlett Packard, a company Alexis was once employed by. 

Citing each entity ignored signs that Aaron Alexis may have been a risk and should have never gotten security clearance onto the Naval Yard.  There are reports Alexis said he was hearing voices a short time before the shooting and he was arrested a few times in the past, but never convicted.  All red flags according to the Delorenzo family.

"This is going to be a long, drawn out adversary affair because the government never admits that they have done anything wrong," says Matthew.

Had they not ignored those signs, Mary Frances' family and attorney say she may still be alive.

"They just let him slide," says Patricia Delorenzo.  "I don't understand it.  The system is flawed and it needs to be fixed."

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