Tampa city leaders consider crackdown on loud music

TAMPA - Have you ever sat at a red light and heard loud music blaring from the car next to you? Well, a Tampa City council member wants to turn down those tunes.

As it stands now, Florida drivers can continue to turn up the volume as loud as they like. The Florida Senate recently rejected an attempt to revive a ban on loud music. But, Tampa City Council member Frank Reddick proposed a local version today.  Reddick said, "If police officers observe anyone playing loud music within 50 feet of their visibility, that they cite those individuals with a ticket."

Samuel Mobley Sr. lives on East Cayuga Street, in Tampa.  He calls the peace and quiet outside of his home the calm before the storm. He said everyday, it's disrupted by loud music coming from car stereos in the area. Mobley even videotaped the music coming from a truck in the neighborhood.  Mobley said, "Sometime it be so loud that the glass is shaken from the windows and we close our door. Sometimes we close our door, we can still hear the music in the back room."

Samuel and his wife, Brenda, have lived off of East Cayuga Street for for 30-plus years. They said the tunes are so troubling, they've called authorities around 30 times to address it. Mobley said, "When we call the police officer. Some way, they know they're coming out. So, they play it about 30 minutes sometime and then cut it off, because they figured I'm going to call them."

Council members will review the proposal in two weeks.

That's a plan soothing to Mobley's ears. "I like that. Because if you don't do nothing, then they going to continue. So I feel like that's a step for progress right there," he said.

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