Man charged with hate crime after argument, shooting at convenience store

A man was charged with a hate crime early Thursday, after, police said, he argued with a man using racial slurs and then fired shots at a convenience store.  
Just after midnight, police said, Clay Sidney Allred, 29, went inside a Mobil gas station at N. 30th Street and E. Fowler Avenue near USF. While inside, he got into an argument with Hassan Qadratullan.
During the altercation, Allred made ethnic slurs to Qadratullan, who told Allred to leave.
Once Allred walked out, he got into a red Jeep Wrangler and pulled out of the parking space.  He stopped in front of the store, according to police, and fired three shots before driving off.
Police arrived within seconds of the shots being fired, and issued a BOLO for the Jeep.
Another officer saw the Jeep make a U-turn from southbound to northbound N. 30th Street at E. Fowler Avenue, and police, along with backup, conducted a felony traffic stop at E. Fletcher Avenue and Magnolia Drive.
Allred was handcuffed and taken into custody.
Two pistols could be seen in plain view inside the Jeep along with an AR-15 assault rifle. Police said there was a lot of military equipment in the back of the Jeep as well. 
Not knowing exactly what else was inside, the bomb team came and methodically emptied the vehicle.
Allred is charged with Aggravated Assault (Hate Crime), Shooting from a Vehicle, and Criminal Mischief.
There were no injuries reported.
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