Tampa bets new Sulphur Springs homes will reenergize neighborhood

If you take a walk down Klondyke Street, you're likely to run into Edward Adderly.
"I tell everybody it's one of the best streets you can live on," he said.
But Klondyke Street used to be one of the worst addresses in Sulphur Springs.
"Drugs was a problem," Adderly said.
After 15 years, Adderly can boast his street is drastically different. The former basketball coach has mentored hundreds of kids here. Now the City of Tampa is making positive changes too.
"It's a beautiful house. It's a nice design," said Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay Executive Director Jose Garcia.
Right next door to Adderly, a new house is almost finished.
"All the ceiling is going to be getting spray foam insulation," Garcia said.
The city is building the three bedroom, two bath house to be energy efficient. It will have a wide porch and walk-in closet.
“I mean, you can dance in there," said Garcia.
Eleven new homes are almost move-in ready as part of a restoration project that began last year when city crews tore down nuisance homes.
"We want to increase the number of people who are truly vested in the community because they own a piece of it," said Tampa Housing and Community Development Director Vanessa McCleary.
The new homes are selling for less than $100,000, allowing for a less than $600-a-month mortgage.
"I think it's going to increase the property value a lot," said Adderly.
If you move in, you can be certain you'll get a visit from this neighbor and assurance Klondyke Street will be the best address you've lived.
"Once people come and see the community changing, they'll want to come in and be a part of it," Adderly said.
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