Tampa-based boy band Stix of Fire to play benefit for Superstorm Sandy relief

TAMPA - They call themselves STIX OF FIRE, in honor of their Tampa home.  And this newly expanded quintet, while being among the area's youngest bands, is certainly not short on experience.

"And they play every weekend," said  David McDonald, whose 16 year-old son Nick is the group's lead singer.  "They play at nights and they play gigs all over Tampa."

In addition to McDonald, there's 16 year-old Logan Nelson on bass, lead guitarist TJ Watts, Cade Larson, on background vocals and guitar, and the group's newest member, drummer DA Larson.

With the kids continuing to hone their act for the various showcases and band battles and competitions around the region (many of which they win), they kept up on the weather.  More specifically, they watched the sad situation Superstorm Sandy brought about.

"And what they saw, actually what they saw on your TV station, the coverage of the aftermath of the storm that hit the New York, New Jersey area and these guys were devastated," said Dad Dan Larson. "And they were like is there something we can do."

That "something" was taking their music to the streets of Ybor City tonight for a benefit concert at the Ritz on 7th Avenue.  Doors open at 7:30.  The $10 donation per ticket goes to the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund.

"We didn't really pick songs of how terrible things are," said DA Larson.  "We just really want to have a good time and hopefully this good time is going to bring more people and its going to sell more tickets.  That way, our contribution can be as large as possible."

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