Tampa ad agency embraces the standing desk

ChappellRoberts, an advertising agency in Tampa, seems like most offices -- except for one thing. 
"I am at a stand up desk," Christine Turner explained. 
Turner is one of 11 employees at the agency who now works while standing up. She does everything while standing on a cushioned pad that she normally would have done from her seat.
"You just feel a little less fatigued. You would think it would be the opposite, but standing gives you more energy. It just feels better," Turner said.
The standing movement started at ChappellRoberts with just one employee approximately a year ago, but it's quickly blossomed to now more than 30 percent of the staff opting for a stand-up desk.
"Once, I think, people started to see that he could do it and he wasn't miserable and in so much pain then it really took off," Turner said. "People were interested in feeling better."
Curious about the concept, we went to chiropractic physician Dr. Barry Shapiro at Carrollwood Family Medical and Rehabilitation Center to find out if standing versus sitting while you're at work is really healthier.
"Potentially it could be very good if they mix it up a little bit," Shapiro said. 
According to Dr. Shapiro, in order to reap the benefits the standing desk must be set up ergonomically with the monitor at eye level and the keyboard at hand level. He also recommends not giving up your chair entirely because a mixture of both sitting and standing is actually best. 
"Change is good. Movement is necessary for circulation, for digestive issues, for structural balance and health," Shapiro said. "I'm a big one for changing positions."
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