State sent questionnaire to young women asking for intimate details about their sex lives

Some recipients outraged over questions

TAMPA BAY - Some women in Florida believe the Department of Health crossed the line with a recent survey mailed to random women.

The questionnaire sent to more than 4,000 women between the ages of 18 and 24 asked for very intimate details about their sex lives.

The survey asked questions like, "how many sexual partners have you had?" "Has a man ever poked holes in a condom to get you pregnant?" "Have you ever been raped?"

Those who participated in the survey received a 10-dollar gift card to CVS to be used on health-related items.

"Why would someone want to answer that question?" Said Emily Thaler, a student at University of Tampa. "I know it's probably anonymous, but still."

The state says the survey is anonymous, and totally voluntary. But some who received it are still outraged by the questions.

"A lot of people are just offended by discussing sex in general, they're just not comfortable with it," said Dr. Atoinina Watkins, an OB/GYN in Tampa.

Dr. Watkins understands why some may be offended, but also understands the need.

The goal of the survey is to better grasp the need for family planning services, statewide.

"They try to target certain areas that we know we are lagging behind the rest of the US," she said.  "One of them is unintended pregnancies and especially teen pregnancies."

She said it's useful data for the state, as uncomfortable as it may be.

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