TPD: Man brings kids to drug deal gone wrong

TAMPA - Tampa police say a 30-year-old man brought his two young children to a prescription drug deal gone wrong.

According to reports, Jonathan Michael Kelly drove to the corner of Interbay Boulevard and Bayshore Boulevard to meet a former high school acquaintance Saturday night.

Investigators say he brought his kids, ages 1 and 4, with him in the car.

But instead of purchasing pills, police say Jessie Alexander Massicotte, 33, and his female friend Tiffany Miller, 28, intended to rob Kelly.

According to police, the pair said, "Give me your stuff," while hitting Kelly in the face.

The two suspects allegedly stole $60 from Kelly, then fled the scene in a gray Toyota.

Kelly then called the police to report the robbery, and provided officers with the suspects' vehicle description.

Not too long after that, officers saw the car nearby, and arrested Massicotte and Miller.  They were charged with strong armed robbery.

Kelly was then arrested on two counts of child neglect, for involving the children in an illegal drug transaction.  The kids were unharmed, and released to Kelly's parents.

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