Termites invade a family home after repeated attempts to get rid of them

SOUTH TAMPA, Fla. - Gross, scary, and awful. That's how a South Tampa family describes what they have been living with the past eighteen months.

Carren Friess ays there is evidence of termites everywhere in the her house -- even in her kitchen.

"It's gross. The wings end up in the food," say Friess who called ABC Action News for help when they got into her 4-year-old bedroom.

"I am out of options. And now that we have termites every single morning in our children's beds, that was the last straw."

The family has a contract with a bug company to fix the problem, but got nothing but promises. Terminix has spot treated her home three times for termites and at one point approved it for a full fumigation but that hasn't happened.

"I have been calling Terminix almost on a weekly basis. I've spoken to so many different area managers and it seems everytime we have an agreement," says Carren. "We are just about to have the house tented. Something comes up and and we don't hear from them for months and we start from sqaure one again."

We took Carren's records and her concerns to the Terminix office on Florida Avenue.

A company spokesperson offered this statement:

Terminix had scheduled an inspection for today at the customer's residence to address any issues she may have. We are working diligently to ensure that she is satisfied with our service.

Carren says within a half hour of ABC Action News taking action for her she received a phone call from the area manager saying they would look into the situation.

The Friess family hopes soon they can sleep tight without extra guests in their beds.

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