Police searching for driver in hit-and-run crash

'Dough' manager hit while bicycling to work

TAMPA - Tampa police are looking for a driver who they say hit a biker Friday night, then took off. The victim is a manager at Dough, sister bakery of the popular South Tampa restaurant Datz.

Donuts are glazed and decorated in the kitchen at Dough, but now one important ingredient is missing: Brandon Lawrence.

"I guess I just gave someone the benefit of the doubt and I shouldn't have," Brandon Lawrence said.
Lawrence was biking to work at Dough Friday night around 7:40 when police say a driver hit him at the intersection of North Boulevard and Main Street.

Lawrence said he had the right of way. He remembers a dark-colored sedan hitting him and speeding off.
"Yeah lying in the road I was scared I didn't know what was, how my life was going to change," Lawrence said.

Thankfully Brandon was wearing a helmet, but with a broken hand, foot and shattered knee, he can't work or go to school. So Brandon's work family is pitching in to help.

"You don't want to sit and do nothing and you just don't know what someone needs or what's going to happen," general manager Tina Contes said.

They're doing what they do best: baking. Starting Sunday, proceeds from every glazed donut decorated with a B for Brandon will go towards his medical bills. They'll have a fundraiser here on November 4.

Right now, many of Brandon's friends are wondering how this could happen.

"I just really couldn't believe that someone could hit a person on a bike and then just drive away," Contes said.
Lawrence said he's not angry, he just wants the driver to take responsibility.

"It's been incredibly painful most of the time and it's going to take a long time to recover from it," Lawrence said.
Tampa police said they're looking for leads. If you know who hit Lawrence, please call crime stoppers to help.

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