Businesses claim Kelley family defaulted

TAMPA - At least twice this week, cameras captured Jill Kelley, and both times, she has been dressed elegantly.

In fact, close friends said she's rarely not in a designer label.

Her husband, Dr. Scott Kelley is a cancer surgeon.

They are known for hosting lavish parties at their Bayshore Boulevard home.

"It was all a fraud, and clearly, with my dealings, that is how they operated," said Peter Lewis.

Lewis is not a fan of the couple.

A small business owner, he said he made a sign for one of their downtown properties but was never paid, despite numerous attempts by him and his son, Craig.

"It was very hard, I have stacks and stacks of correspondence (Jill Kelley) did not respond to.  She hired an attorney to threaten me," said the elder Lewis.

"We called them multiple times.  We emailed them the invoices, faxed them the invoices.  It's only happened to us twice in ten years that someone does not pay," said Craig Lewis.

The Lewises won a judgment against the Kelleys for nearly $2,400.

And they are not alone.

ABC Action News found more debts within just the past two years.  Regions Bank sought over $271,000, two other collectors won judgments of $11,000 and almost $9,000.  And Central Bank foreclosed on a building in which they owed nearly $2.2 million.

"Clearly, they were living beyond their means.  And they are very pretentious people," said Peter Lewis.

A charity the Kelleys started, the Doctor Kelley Cancer Foundation, has been dissolved.

And now Dr. Kelley has been been hit with another blow.

Just this September, documents show he was sued for wrongful death.

The Lewises aren't sympathetic to the Kelley family's woes.

"What goes around comes around," said Peter Lewis.

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