South Tampa neighbors say pump house working

Pump house pumped 100,000 gallons last night

TAMPA - "We had a big storm last night," said neighbor Mary Key. "Lots of thunder and lightning.  Normally, the street would have been a mess."

This is the sound of relief for south Tampa neighbors.

"It was dry. There was no flooding any more," said Patricia Lavy.

Because for years the sounds of thunder and lightning signaled trouble on Alline-- a street notorious for flooding in a hard rain.

"It would come all the way up the driveway and come to the back of the house. It would almost come in the house," said Lavy.

"My car sunk. I had to swim out the window and it was totaled," explained Key.

There are puddles but only big enough for birds, thanks to a new pump house that had its first real test. It pumped a recorded 100,000 gallons last night out to the bay.

"It's quiet. That's what I was concerned about. I was wondering if it would make a lot of noise you know because you would hear pumps but we haven't heard nothing," said Lavy.

The City of Tampa and Southwest Florida Water Management District project means some relief in South Tampa.

Tuesday morning, however, two inches of rain shut down Bayshore at Bay-to-Bay Boulevard.

"All it takes is a couple of palm fronds strategically snagged at the right inlet and that water just starts to back up," said Director Tampa Public Works Irvin Lee.

Lee says crews have been working since the beginning of the year on small ways to keep storm water flowing to the bay.

Those projects to clean out drainage ditches and pipes all over South Tampa are happening right now in preparation for June 1, the beginning of hurricane season.

That's just one month away.

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