Son faces elder abuse charges after mother is found dead and in deplorable conditions in Tampa

TAMPA - Extended family members of an 82-year-old former elementary school teacher want answers after a 911 call led police to Louise Holmes' house.

Police found her dead and in deplorable conditions.

The home on 38th Street in Tampa is now empty, but Louise Holmes lived there for decades. Her extended family said she and her husband, a former military veteran, raised their son there.

Now that son, James Holmes faces a felony charge for neglect of the elderly.  Police found Louise Holmes dead inside her house Tuesday morning.

Her nephew Bobby Hall is distraught.

"Yes, I am very upset, this is ridiculous, totally ridiculous," Hall said.

First grief and then anger, a flood of emotions filled Hall.  He said he pleaded with James Holmes to see his Aunt and said James refused. So Hall went to police.

"They could see the yard was neglected, how could they think she was not neglected? You understand?" Hall asked.

Police said they have no recent records of calls, but two years ago they checked on her twice. Both times, Louise Holmes turned them away.  But, yesterday a 9-11 call sent them back to her home.

"The deceased elderly female had open sores and maggots on her body.  There were roaches and rats and pieces of the roof were falling in," said police spokesperson Andrea Davis.

According to police, Holmes said he went to see his mom daily and even admitted she needed medical care. But for some reason did not get it for her.  Her longtime neighbors tried to help, even mowing her lawn, until they say James Holmes told them to stop.

"I am horrified that someone would that do their own mother.  That is horrible. Whatever he gets, he deserves," said neighbor James Green.

Hall has no sympathy for his cousin either. But he still wants answers from the state on how this could happen.

"I mean, I let them know, they knew," Hall said.

State investigators confirm they did investigate, but Louise Holmes turned them away.

People concerned that an elderly person is being neglected, should call 1-800-96-ABUSE.

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