Shoppers are stocking up on school supplies and clothing during first day of tax-free holiday

TAMPA, Fla. - Alyssa Herbig and her two daughters decided to be early birds and get their back to school shopping out of the way Friday morning as the first day of the tax-free weekend kicks off.

"We stocked up on folders and composition books and five subject notebooks," Herbig said.

Herbig and her daughters were not hard to miss in the aisles of Target. Their cart was filled to the very top with items on the tax-free list.

Taryn Herbig is preparing to enter the fifth grade this year. The 10-year-old told ABC Action News getting new school supplies makes her excited to go back to class.

"I did actually want a back pack, but we actually haven't gotten that yet. But we are going to," Taryn said.

With their early arrival at the store, the Herbigs did not have to wait in long lines to check out.

Elise Ditroia also decided getting to the store early in the morning was a good idea and would help her avoid insanity in the aisles. It is also the first year she is taking advantage of the sales tax exemption.

"I've been waiting for the tax-free weekend, to get all the supplies, to get it knocked out," Ditroia said.

Ditroia said every cent her family saves matters.

"Whatever little bit helps because we are a struggling family just trying to make it," she said.

According to Ditroia, her family saved up so they could spend this weekend. The tax-free holidays runs through Sunday.

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