Selfies banned on stage at USF graduation ceremonies

USF student Samantha Brizzolari scrolls through her phone, pointing out her selfies.
There's a time and a place for taking the kind of picture that has become a kind of tongue-in-cheek trend, she said.
"I snap chat them to other people," she said.
But her university says the time and place for selfies isn’t on stage at USF's graduation ceremony.
"It's time consuming, and it's disrespectful to everyone around you," said USF student Max Johnson.
That’s why USF is appealing to graduates who are walking across the stage this May.
"It's every student's moment who's graduating and so when you do something in the way that you do, in your unique way, you're taking away from the next student," said USF Dean of Students Dr. Michael Freeman.
USF's new graduate etiquette bans stepping, marching, strolling and taking selfies at commencement.
"What they want is a selfie with the president, so what they're doing is grabbing the president, swinging the phone around and then it's me and Judy while there's somebody down front, a professional photographer, also taking that picture," said Dr. Freeman.
Around 1,000 students will make their way across the stage at each ceremony and even the slightest delay can cause a major time crunch and distraction.
"I think just anytime you see her, it's like people want to take a picture with her," said USF student Malak Fakhoury.
Dr. Judy Genshaft will take selfies with you before and after the ceremony-- just ask her off stage like I did.
Or you could be in trou-BULL.
"Your diploma could be held as a result of acting out," said Dr. Freeman.


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