Saxophone intended for a girl in need stolen from a Hillsborough County doorstep

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office is investigating a case of a stolen saxophone meant to go to a girl in need.
The incident took place Thursday inside the West Bay subdivision. 
"Frustrated, touch of anger," Ronald Vierling said describing his feelings. 
After spending most of the summer scrolling through the pages of eBay looking for the perfect saxophone, he finally found one. It was a tenor sax not for himself, but for a 14-year-old girl in Seminole County. 
Vierling and his wife, Joyce, are both retired teachers. They've spent the last several years mentoring a teenage girl who is about to start high school. When she couldn't afford to buy a saxophone for her upcoming music class, the couple didn't hesitate to purchase one for her. 
"We want her to be able to enjoy this because this is somebody who hasn't had a lot of experiences of enrichment," Joyce Vierling said.
The package shipped early. It was delivered right to their doorstep. But before they could get the instrument inside, they say the sax was stolen. 
The empty box and packaging was discovered strewn about on a neighbor's yard. 
"This is wrong, simple as that," Ronald said. "We'd sure like to have it back."
A surveillance camera on one of their neighbor's homes captured footage of four young boys on bicycles. When you look close, one of the boys appears to be holding a black instrument case. The Vierlings believe these are the people responsible for the theft.
"They need to understand that everybody has feelings and if they had that kind of loss to whatever it is they like to do, it would hurt," said Joyce.
The teen was hoping to have the instrument by the start of school next week. 
Anyone with information on the saxophone's whereabouts or the identity of the boys in the video is urged to call the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. 
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