Robbery suspect recovering after getting shot with his own gun during a struggle

Victim to suspect: "I'm not going out like that"

TAMPA - A Tampa woman said she's in mental and physical shock after a man who allegedly tried to rob her was shot by his own gun during a struggle Saturday morning.

It happened at a home on the 9700 block of Albany Avenue in Tampa.

Fighting back tears, Teresa Martin said she feared for her life. She was sitting on her bed, when a man, identified by police as 34 year-old Leonard Porter, allegedly broke in and demanded money.

"He goes, 'you're fixing to die' and he cocked the gun and he put it to my head and I said, 'I'm not going out like that' and that's when I started fighting him," Martin said.

Martin said she fought to get to her phone and call 911, but couldn't.

She said the suspect pushed her face into the bed. Then within seconds, the struggle stopped. 

"The next thing I know, I heard pow and then he fell over in between my night stand and the wall,"
Martin said.

Police said Porter suffered a gunshot to the eye.

He was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Detectives arrested two others in connection with the with the crime. They are Audra Steadman and Johnny Acevedo.

Both are in jail. Martin doesn't know Porter, but said Acevedao is like a member of her family.    

Martin believes Acevedo set her up to get money.

Police would not elaborate on the investigation. 

Porter is still in the hospital, in critical condition.

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