Rideshare companies Lyft, Uber, and Hillsborough County fight over fares

A simmering feud between the agency that regulates cab and limousine services in Hillsborough County and a handful of upstart ride-sharing companies has escalated after a Lyft driver refused to take a plea on a misdemeanor of driving a taxi without a license and demanded a jury trial.
The Tampa Tribune reports (http://bit.ly/1pq2IxM) there have been nearly two dozen cases made by local transportation inspectors over the past two weeks.
The county's Public Transportation Commission, which has been locked in a dispute with Uber and Lyft over what level of regulation the ride-sharing services should be subject to, set up an operation to cite the drivers. The charges come at a time the companies are trying to negotiate terms with the transportation commission under which they can legally operate.
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