Rescues in Action: Mojo Jojo & Sirabi

Meet our two Rescues in Actions featured Sunday on ABC Action News.

Sirabi is a black 4-month-old female found wandering around a local neighborhood crying for food.  She loves to play with cat toys, and other animals.  While she's a little shy, she starts to purr when she gets comfortable.  She has been spayed, and is up-to-date on her shots.

Mojo Jojo is a special kitten - he was dropped off at a local veterinarian's office with a nasty wound on the right side of his muzzle.  The vet thought he may have been attacked.

But he received some special care and attention, now ready to find his forever home.  Mojo Jojo is literally a ball of energy, but enjoys cuddling as well.  He has been neutered and is up-to-date on shots.

If you're interested in adopting either of these kittens, please contact Cat Crusaders .

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