"Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay" and others help homeowners in Sulphur Spring area

Sulphur Springs area residents receive help

TAMPA - Nine years ago Barbara Foster bought her dream home.

"This is the home where I will always be," she said.

But, her home in the Sulphur Springs area needed fixing up.

"Trying to get repairs done here has been very challenging," said Foster.

Barbara lives on a fixed income and took care of repairs when she could, until now.

"This is a dream. Don't wake me up," she said.

More than a dozen volunteers including licensed general contractors filled Barbara's yard. They pressure cleaned her home, planted new plants and looked into major repairs like a damaged roof and faulty plumbing.

"it is a lot of hard work, but it is worth it in the end to see that smile," said volunteer Adam Vasas.

Volunteers like Adam Vasas said they don't mind lending a hand. Neither does Jackie Jurek.

"People need help. It does not matter if it is a Saturday or not," Jurek said.

Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay is an organization that helps homeowners in need. Barbara Foster's home is one of more than 30 homes in the Sulphur Springs area the group plans to fix.

"Our main focus is to revitalize one neighborhood at a time. So we try and focus on one neighborhood," said Mark Zdrojewski with Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay.

Many businesses partner up with the organization. Honeywell joined in fixing one home in the neighborhood while United Way Suncoast, Bay Area Apartment Associations and J.P Morgan joined at Barbara's home.

"I'm so grateful for this. It is just so unbelievable," said Foster.

For more information on Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay visit: http://www.rttb.org/

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