Quick thinking passengers credited with saving child life on flight from Tampa

A US Airways flight made an unscheduled stop in Houston early Tuesday morning after a baby aboard stopped breathing, according to a report by ABC News.
US Airways Flight 678 left Tampa International and headed for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport before being diverted.
Passengers said two men rushed to help the baby. One of those men was Garrett Goodwin.
Goodwin posted to his Facebook page pictures and video of a happy reunion with the child he helped save.
But Tuesday, the outcome was uncertain.
Tension filled US Airways flight 687 as Goodwin and another passenger worked to save the child's life.
Passenger Andy Russick said Goodwin came rushing past him with the baby to an emergency exit row and the baby wasn't moving.
"There was a lot going on," Russick said.
Russick wasn't sure how long Goodwin and the other passenger worked on the infant, but eventually he saw the baby's fingers and feet start to move then heard it cry.
One passenger called it the miracle on flight 678.
The plane eventually continued to Phoenix.
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