Protesters make one final march on RNC

TAMPA - Protesters made their final march on the RNC Thursday night, and found a few moments of friendship with police.

Those protesters, coming together from a number of different groups, turned their last rally into an impromptu march winding through downtown.

Law enforcement followed every step of the way, even shutting down city streets so the march could go on.

One lead protester even took time to snap pictures with TPD Chief Jane Castor, thanking her for being patient.

"They could have given the order.  You're done.  You're finished," said protester Vermin Supreme.  "They could have done the mass arrests.  They were prepared to do that."

Castor said she was "very proud of the officers, deputies, and troopers.  They've done an amazing job."

She also said she was "proud of the protesters, too."

Thursday night's march was, by far, the biggest of the RNC, lasting several hours.

Still, no arrests were made.

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