President Barack Obama cancels Orlando campaign stop to monitor Sandy

Frmr. Pres. Clinton speaks at Orlando rally

ORLANDO - Racheal Patterson took her space in line around 2:30 Monday morning.

The 9-year-old from Orlando said her mother let her miss school just so that she could see President Obama speak, but unfortunately, her dream didn't come true.  As Hurricane Sandy grew larger, President Obama and his team made the decision to abort Monday's campaign rally on the University of Central Florida campus to monitor the storm from the Oval Office.

Not what Rachael, nor UCF student Rosana Eustache wanted to hear.  She and her friends also braved the cold in the early hours of Monday morning in hopes of catching a glimpse of the Commander-In-Chief.  While Eustache was disappointed, she said the change of plans didn't change her thoughts on the election.

"I'm still voting for him!  Obama 2012!  Obama 2012!," she chanted with friends she brought to the rally with her.

UCF Graduate student Marguerite Tarrenga seemed to mirror those sentiments, commending the President for making the decision to tend to the country instead of the campaign trail.

Tarrenga said.  "He's the active president and he needs to take care of what he needs to take care of.  He's the President of the United States, so they need him more than we do."

So while there was no President Obama, former President Bill Clinton headlined the event, covering all the points President Obama hit last Thursday at a campaign rally in Ybor City.  Not skipping a beat and keeping the crowd energized, he ended his 30-something-minute speech with this:

"You should vote for the person that has a better economic plan, a better budget, a better health care plan and a better energy plan who believes that we are all in this together.  We'll beat on your own every single time.  Go elect President Obama.  Thank you and God Bless you."

Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist and Senator Bill Nelson were both on hand at the event as well.

Although the president had to leave early, he was in Orlando last night campaigning, making this his 15th stop in the Sunshine State this year.

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