Possible RNC safety threat: Graffiti, stock-pile of bricks found near Tampa's RNC zone

TAMPA, Fla. - As RNC preparations continued downtown, Dr. Joe Papia started thinking about a staircase behind his chiropractor office at the intersection of North Florida Avenue and Tyler Street.

The staircase gives anyone access to the rooftop on a building very close to the Floridan Palace, where Papia heard journalists and perhaps delegates might stay during the RNC.

That's when he noticed a pile of bricks and new graffiti on the wall. Dr. Papia soon learned that graffiti, an image of Guy Fawkes, is often associated with groups like Anonymous and Occupy Wall Street.

"When I came up Friday evening, that was the clincher, that was what said, 'There's danger here,'" explained Dr. Papia. "I don't know what intentions they have as far as creating damage or harm."

Dr. Papia immediately called police.

"There's no doubt there is a small percentage who will come here bent on destruction," said Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor. "Finding those items, for us, was not a surprise."

Now, the Tampa Police department is searching for whoever trespassed onto the rooftop.

There is concern that someone may have planned injury or even death during the RNC, given what appeared to be a stockpile of bricks to be used as weapons.

"I'm nervous," Dr. Papia said. "I don't like the idea that these people are coming in to do harm to Tampa just because we're having a convention here."

TPD calls the discovery a success story, however. One of their main security strategies for the RNC is simple communication with area residents and businesses. They hope this incident reminds anyone who sees anything suspicious to call them.

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